GoPro Success: GoPro is a Media Company

GoPro is media company

Why is GoPro so successful? 1. They have a vision 2. They are a media company.  1 – The Vision With an Apple Computer you „think differently“. Red Bull „gives you wings“. GoPro „makes you a hero“. So what is the GoPro success recipe?  Simon Sinek explores in his speech „How great leaders inspire action“ how brands become brands we ... Read More »

Newssite Redesigns Website and Loses 60 Million Views

Newssite, Redesign, Fail, Mistake, Best Practise

Tagesanzeiger, one of Switzerland’s largest news sites, did a website redesign and integrated a metered paywall. Result: a loss of 45% of their traffic. The NYT celebrates their metered pay wall as a success. At least in their “Innovation Report”. Other voices are not so enthusiastic. One of Switzerland’s largest newspapers, Tagesanzeiger – which could be compared to the New ... Read More »

Dear New York Times: Please Produce More SHIT!


I remember how my grandfather – a renowned professor for neurobiology – used to read his newspaper on Sundays. He sifted through the pages. Read something here, studied something there. What was certain though was, that he always read the comics section. Pretty much every comic there was. He’d comment on Garfield, laugh over The Far Side and share the ... Read More »

The NYT Innovation Report – Escaping Certain Death

The New York Times Innovation Report

“An inescapable truth” – That’s how the authors of the NYT Innovation Report label the decline from around 158 million visitors (2011) to 80 million website visitors (2013). Competitors such as Buzzfeed, First Look Media, Medium, The Huffington Post or are eroding the NYT’s digital readership. OK. The report has been published a few months ago, but the content ... Read More »

The Best Free PDF Converter and Creator

Smallpdf Compression Tool Word excel powerpoint

Ever have trouble converting your Word, Excel, JPG or PPT file to pdf? Than you should really check out A free PDF converter and creator. I’ve stumbled over this great tool just a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for a tool that compresses my large PDF files.  Some other tools, such as “Preview” or “Adobe Acrobat” totally messed-up my ... Read More »

My Top 10 TED Talks


There’s quite a bunch of TED Talks out there. Which ones should I watch? I’ve listed my top 10 ted talks. Of course I’ve only seen a fraction. So let me know of any TED talks you know about. Image by Steve Jurvetson via Flickr How great leaders inspire action – Simon Sinek Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful ... Read More »

2014 Internet Trends

Internet, Trend, 2014

 Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers takes a look at the Internet and analysed the 2014 Internet Trends. Internet user growth is declining, mobile traffic is soaring. The 164 long presentation hits you with a monstrosity of data. It takes quite some time to sift trough the pages and pick out what’s relevant. To sum up some points the report covered, ... Read More »

Pimp your blog posts with free stock photos

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A list of websites offering free stock photos and pictures so your blog or website looks just fabulous! Foto via Flickr/John Benson Finding great imagery is not that easy. Especially if you don’t want get hit with warning – or worse a law suit – from some photographer, stock photo site or online resource. Finding pictures is easy, but knowing what ... Read More »

The Ultimate Guide For Building Your Hardware Startup

guide, hardware, startup, bezion

Adam Benzion – founding CEO of – created a great guide for your hardware startup on how to bootstrap your company. Via TheNextWeb. Adam knows what it means to make mistakes when going all-in and creating your hardware startup. He admits that his company GreenSimian would have filled fore bankruptcy if OtterBox wouldn’t have pitched-in and acquired the company. Benzion want’s to help ... Read More »