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MINI, Nike, Hotel.com: Creative Social Media Campaigns

MINI, Nike and Hotel.com released interesting marketing campaigns all created as Facebook apps.

As seen on digitalbuzz.com

Trip Your Face is a mash-up between Elf-Yourself and “Hangover”. You can upload you and your friends face to the application and see how you’ve partied the night in Las Vegas, Paris or New York. Get dirty in Las Vegas with some of the big boys such as Dennis Rodman or Vanilla Ice. You can get more Infos at digitalbuzzblog.com

Trip your face from Ad Eight creatieve communicatie on Vimeo.

Talking about Paris. MINI has just released a new app called MINI MAPS. You can race against your friends in a sort of Grand Theft Auto 1 manner. The clue: Race against your friends on real Google Maps . You race anywhere in the world, park your custom made car on your neighbors parking lot and create new race tracks. Awsome.

And here’s another innovative marketing campaign from Israel. You can find more inf here

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