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Ponk – Trailer

Introducing PONK – an experimental gaming installation – which combines touchless and tangible gameplay.
Powered by Kinect (from above) and Adobe Flash, PONK creates a new digital experience by providing an interactive platform combining a 2D playground and 3D real, reactive elements. This tennis game enables players to use the movements of their hands over the screen to control the ball and use reactive tangible objects to interact with the device, creating a highly responsive game.

PONK is an experimental project started in 2011 by Jonathan Da Costa and Florence Rampin.
We hope to take the concept further by creating other games using the same installation. This initiative represents a self-oriented work to explore new ways of interactions through innovation.

About Daniel Baur

Daniel Baur is a social media enthusiast. He holds a BA in Media- and Communication Science and an MA in European Business of the University of Fribourg. He is a passionate skier founder of several sports blogs and has recently discovered a wide interest in big data analysis.